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Top Questions Concerning Gas Lantern Installation Outside Of The Home

Adding a little old-world charm to the exterior of your home is easy with gas lanterns designed for outdoor use. These incredible light fixtures can be implemented into a garden setting, situated on posts on property perimeters, and even hung right over the entry area on the front porch. The flickering orange lamp glow will make almost any space look warm and inviting. As appealing as these gas powered illuminating lamps are, they do come along with a few additional concerns and questions from homeowners: Read More 

5 Features You’ll Want To Include In Your Custom Deck

Creating a custom deck in your backyard or side yard can make your home more relaxing and inviting, and it may even increase its overall resale value. When you're ready to talk to a contractor about creating a custom deck for your home, consider some features you'll want to be sure to include or at least discuss. 1. An outdoor fire pit A fire pit or fireplace can add a cozy charm to your deck, but it also makes it easy to use your deck more often throughout the year. Read More 

4 Simple Tricks That Can Help You Save A Bundle On Your Heating Bills

Winter time heating bills can crush any budget. While you can't go without heat in the winter just to save money, you can prepare before winter comes along and make your home more efficient. If you can prepare ahead of time, these few simple yet effective tips can help lower your heating bills while still allowing you to stay warm. 1. Cover The Windows Unless you have very good quality double- or triple-pane windows, you may want to consider covering your windows with plastic before winter. Read More 

Gone In The Wind? Simple Steps To Fix Your Home’s Missing Vinyl Siding

If the last windstorm removed a strip of vinyl siding from your home, then you need to replace it as soon as possible. Missing siding can cause expensive moisture damage on the exterior of your home, caused by water leaking under the existing siding. A build-up of moisture can cause wood to rot, and it can cause mold issues. The good news is that it is very simple to do vinyl siding repair, even if you do not have any home repair experience. Read More 

Four Reasons Why You Want Parking Bumpers And Speed Bumps In Your Lot

Parking bumpers may be annoying to drivers, but they do serve a very good purpose. They exist to slow drivers down. There are three other reasons why you, as a retail store owner and operator, would want "speed bumps" at key locations in your lot. Painted Bright Yellow, Bumpers Remind Drivers Most of the time the bumpers are painted bright yellow. At night, they are highly reflective and catch drivers' attention. Read More