Don’t Leaf It To Chance: How To Prepare Trees For Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be devastating, but some of the damage can be avoided if the surrounding trees and foliage are maintained. If they aren't, dead branches can come down, trees could be pulled out by their roots, and your house, car and other belongings could be at risk.  So how can you prepare your trees for hurricane season? Here are five helpful tips.  Don't Ever Top a Tree Topping a tree, which is when it's pruned back to a point when it has almost no leaves, is illegal in Florida and other locations where hurricanes can hit, because it causes the tree to rot from the inside. Read More 

4 Preventive Steps You Can Take to Prevent Roof Rot from Happening to Your Roof

Roof rot occurs when you don't take proper care of your roof; first the substructure starts to rot away, and over time your entire roof is compromised. Here are four preventive steps you can take to ensure that your roof doesn't experience roof rot. #1: Yearly Roof Inspection One of the very best ways to help ward off roof rot is to have a professional roofing company come out to your home on a yearly basis and inspect your roof for any compromised areas. Read More 

Yee-Haw: 5 Ideas For Throwing A Wild West-Themed Kids’ Birthday Party:

Creating a Wild West-themed birthday party is a great way for your little cowboy or cowgirl to have a rootin-tootin' good time. With a few party rental options and a bit of creativity, you can throw a party worthy of the Wild West in your backyard. Here are some options to consider. Set Up A Wild West Picture Booth Some party rental companies offer picture booth services, which come with a photographer and your choice of backgrounds. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Continuous Insulation On The Exterior Of Your Home

If you live in a cold area and want to enjoy an adequately heated home for a reasonable cost next winter, it is important to consider how your house is insulated. While many people are familiar with using fiberglass insulation in their floors and ceilings, it is often surprising to learn that continuous insulation is frequently an ideal way to add extra protection to the outside of your home. When you need to have a better understanding of continuous insulation, which may also be known as rigid foam insulation, the following information will be quite useful. Read More 

New Restaurant Owner With A Leaky Grease Trap? It’s Probably The Crossover Pipe

If your grease trap leaks dirty water all over your kitchen floor, you may wonder if you have a damaged plumbing pipe somewhere in your restaurant. Although clogged plumbing pipes can affect the performance of grease traps, they may not always be the reason traps leak. The clog may actually be inside your trap's crossover pipe. Here's more things to know about a clogged crossover pipe and what you can do to stop it from leaking. Read More