Why You Should Have Your Custom Home Builder Include Appliances In Your Purchase Price

When you're working with a custom builder to design the home that you'll move into in several months' time, one of the questions that the builder will ask you is whether or not you want appliances to be a part of the deal. The idea of getting new appliances may be appealing, but there are many additional reasons to give strong consideration to this idea — even if you have existing appliances in your current home. Read More 

3 Major Reasons Homeowners Should Consider Having Their Basement Waterproofed By A Professional

If your home has a basement, water leakage could always be a problem that rears its ugly head. It's best to get ahead of this issue and work with a waterproofing company. Having your basement waterproofed by an exterior waterproofing company gives you access to the following benefits as a homeowner.  Safeguard Surrounding Walls Having your basement waterproofed internally is great, but it still means water could affect the surrounding walls. Read More 

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

Once you've decided that it's time to replace your roof, the next challenge will be choosing the best time to do the replacement. Although the ideal answer would be immediately, there are many factors that can prevent you from replacing your roof when you want to. To decide the best time to replace your roof, it's important to know how long it takes to replace one. The last thing you'd want is to find yourself with an incomplete roof when the summer rains begin. Read More 

6 Decorative Siding Options

With the exception of your roof, the siding of your wall is one of the most noticeable elements in your home. It's one of the first things a casual passerby will notice and this means it's important to your home's curb appeal. Although there are practical reasons for choosing good siding, the aesthetics matter as well, and when aesthetics is important, there are some siding options that are especially worth considering. Read More 

Exterior Vs. Interior Waterproofing: 3 Key Differences

Waterproofing techniques typically fall into one of two categories: exterior or interior. While each of these techniques is designed to control moisture in your basement, they don't go about the drainage process the same. To ensure you make the appropriate decision for your home, you need to have a clear understanding of how exterior and interior waterproofing methods differ. Operation Exterior and interior waterproofing systems are designed to control water issues in your basement. Read More