Ready To Renovate A Trailer? 4 Things To Look For When Purchasing Your Vintage Trailer

If you have plans to purchase a vintage Airstream for renovation, be sure to start with the right trailer. Purchasing the wrong trailer can lead to serious problems with your project. Touring the country in a renovated Airstream is a great way to spend your leisure time. However, you need to make sure that the Airstream you choose can live up to the pressure. The best way to do that is to start with the right trailer. A strong start will ensure that your renovated trailer will provide you with years of enjoyment. Here are four tips that will help you choose the right Airstream for your renovation project. 

Ensure a Strong Foundation

When it comes to choosing the right Airstream for renovation, you need to ensure a strong foundation. The two most important features to consider are the flooring and the belly pan. Problems with those two features can be costly to recover from. 


When you're looking for a vintage Airstream to renovate, spend time inspecting the floor. If the surface-level flooring is damaged, you can tear that up and have it replaced fairly easily. However, if the subfloor is damaged, you'll be looking at an extensive construction project. To avoid the additional costs, try to choose an Airstream with a strong subfloor. 

Belly Pan

You might not realize this, but Airstream trailers have a belly pan on the underside of the frame, designed to protect the skin from pest infestations and damage caused by exposure to the elements. Before you purchase a vintage Airstream for your renovation project, make sure that the belly pan is intact. 

Check the Operating Systems

If you're going to purchase a vintage Airstream for renovation, don't forget to check all the operating systems — electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. If any of these three systems are non-functioning, you'll be looking at a more extensive renovation project. When inspecting the electrical system, be sure that both power sources - 110v and 12v - are operational. For the plumbing, you'll want to look for signs of leaks, which can cause considerable water damage. Finally, when inspecting the mechanics of the trailer, pay attention to the brakes, bearings, and axles. In most cases, you'll need to replace them, especially if they're the original equipment. However, you want them to be in good enough condition to withstand being towed to the renovation site. 

Avoid Damaged Windows

Finally, when purchasing an Airstream for a renovation project, take a look at all the windows. Replacing the glass windows on a vintage Airstream can be difficult and expensive. One reason for the issues is that original replacement windows for Airstreams aren't easy to locate. If you choose an Airstream with damaged windows, you may want to talk to your renovation company about switching to plexiglass replacements. Plexiglass replacement windows will eliminate the high cost of glass replacements for your Airstream.

To learn more, contact a company that offers Airstream renovation services.