Spray Foam Insulation For A House

When the walls of a house are thin and there isn't much insulation in them, air can flow right through them. Walls that are in such a condition are especially difficult to deal with during days when the weather is cold, as the inside of the house can reach dangerously low temperatures if you don't have a good heating system. Poor insulation is more than just a concern when it comes to regulating the temperature in your house, but it can also run the electric bill up. Even with a good central heating system in your house, the poor insulation in the wall cavities can interfere with the energy efficiency of it. If you are interested in knowing about spray foam insulation to prevent air from entering your home from the outside, read the information below.

Why Spray Foam Insulation is Ideal

Being that you already live in a house that is constructed, demolishing the walls isn't something that you likely desire to do. If you opt for an insulation material other than spray foam, the demolishment of drywall will be necessary. With spray foam insulation, a contractor can actually install it without having to do much damage to the drywall. The reason why is because installing the foam can be done via making a small hole in the wall that will not take a lot of work to patch back up upon completion. Keep in mind that the foam is able to expand when placed in the wall cavities, which is why a substantial amount of drywall demolishment isn't necessary.

The Best Type of Spray Foam Insulation

You have the option of choosing between open and closed cell spray foam insulation services for your house. If you are looking for the highest quality of spray foam for your wall cavities, base your purchase on the R-value that it has. Basically, you should choose a high R-value because it lets you know how well the foam will insulate your house. Closed cell foam has the highest R-Value, so it is the most ideal type to invest in. Open cell foam will actually need a vapor barrier to be installed along with it.

What You Might Pay for Installation

The price of spray foam insulation can vary based on where it is purchased. The type of foam that you choose will be factored into the price as well, with closed cell foam being the most expensive. Contact a spray foam insulation contractor if you need a price quote.