Why You Should Have Your Custom Home Builder Include Appliances In Your Purchase Price

When you're working with a custom builder to design the home that you'll move into in several months' time, one of the questions that the builder will ask you is whether or not you want appliances to be a part of the deal. The idea of getting new appliances may be appealing, but there are many additional reasons to give strong consideration to this idea — even if you have existing appliances in your current home. Of course, should you decide to get the appliances through your custom builder, you'll be able to choose the make and model of each of them to suit you. Here are some reasons that this decision is a good one to make.

They're Included In The Mortgage

Together, new appliances for your kitchen, laundry room, and other areas of your home can easily add up to several thousand dollars. Unless you're very affluent, buying all of these items — which may be desirable when you're moving into a new home — can present a considerable expense. Financially, one nice thing about getting the custom home builder to outfit your home with appliances is that while you'll be paying for them, the price will be included in your mortgage. This means that the inclusion of the appliances will raise your mortgage payment only a slight amount.

You May Pay Less For Them

Another financial consideration to keep in mind is that when you get your new appliances through your custom home builder, you may pay less for them than what you'd pay in a local appliance store. If the custom builder produces new homes at a high volume, he or she may have a partnership with an appliance company and be able to get the appliances at wholesale rates. If the builder passes along these savings to you, you'll appreciate getting top-end appliance at the price of mid-range appliances.

No Hassle Of Moving Appliances

When you're moving into a new home, one of the most physically demanding tasks to complete is moving the appliances. Although some people pay professional movers to perform this work, this isn't always the case. Getting appliances out of your current home and into the new one can be difficult and can sometimes lead to scratches or dents in the walls. It's far less difficult to have your custom home builder buy and install the appliances so that they're ready to go on your move-in day. Talk to a building company, like R 3 Building Services, to learn more about your options.