6 Decorative Siding Options

With the exception of your roof, the siding of your wall is one of the most noticeable elements in your home. It's one of the first things a casual passerby will notice and this means it's important to your home's curb appeal.

Although there are practical reasons for choosing good siding, the aesthetics matter as well, and when aesthetics is important, there are some siding options that are especially worth considering. Depending on your personal taste, you could have several very good options to choose from.


Vinyl siding is a practical and durable choice, and it can also be attractive. Vinyl comes with many options for color and texture, so you're likely to find something you like. This is one reason vinyl is such a popular siding option.


The desire for a rustic look is quite common among homeowners, especially those living in areas surrounded by lots of nature. A log siding is quite effective at producing this rustic look, evoking memories of the original pioneer buildings. You'll need a special siding contractor if you want log siding since it requires specific knowledge. However, if you're willing to put in the time and money to maintain this kind of siding, it will definitely be worth the trouble.


Stone siding is yet another option for homeowners who love the look of natural materials. Stone siding is well suited for homes designed to look traditional. However, this type of siding comes with a very high initial cost. For those who can afford it, the material doesn't just look good, it also requires limited maintenance. Stone veneers are available as an alternative.

Fiber Cement

When you need to look of real wood but not the high cost that comes with it, fiber cement is the material you're looking for. Fiber cement is usually used to mimic other siding materials that may be pricier. Fiber cement is durable and doesn't have a lot of maintenance requirements. Its main drawback is its weight which makes the cost of installation higher than for other materials.


Concrete is a popular siding option for many modern houses. Concrete makes a good siding option because it comes in many different options and can even be dyed to achieve different colors. The concrete can also be molded, allowing you to create an exterior wall that's patterned in different ways. The fact that concrete is one of the most durable options makes the high installation cost worthwhile.

Engineered Wood

This is as close as you'll get to real wood without the real thing. Engineering wood costs less than actual wood but contains real wood. This makes it an excellent choice for mimicking wood sidings.