Toilet Frequently Clogging? It Could Be Due To These 3 Reasons

Nobody enjoys plunging their toilet to clear a clog, which is why a frequently clogging toilet may be a reason of concern for you. There is likely something going on with your toilet or the plumbing that is causing these frequent clogs to happen, such as one of these three problems.

1. Household Member Behavior

You can't monitor what everyone does in the bathroom, which is why the clogs may be due to the various behaviors of people in your household. Make sure you talk to everything, especially children, about what can and cannot go down the toilet. You may discover that they are flushing things that shouldn't go down the toilet, such as paper towels, which are causing the clogs when you go to use the bathroom.

Encourage family members to throw things away by having a trash next to the toilet. They'll think twice about where they throw things that shouldn't be flushed, and hopefully prevent the clogs from occurring.

2. Toilet Design

It's possible that you own a toilet that is designed for saving water when flushing the toilet. This could be due to a having a smaller water reserve tank, or simply not being powerful enough to flush solid waste in the toilet. Something as simple as replacing the toilet for a different model may be what it takes to fix this problem, since the current toilet is not getting the job done.

If you're looking to still be eco-friendly with your water use, consider getting a toilet that uses a minimal amount of water for liquid waste, but also has a button to use more water for solid waste.

3. Sewer Problems

It's possible that the problem is deep within your home's sewer line and requires professional help. A plumber can start by using a sewer camera to go into the pipes to see what is happening inside it. They may discover a child's toy that is blocking the solid waste from easily passing through, which will require a special tool to retrieve the items since it won't pass through on its own. The issue may also be a collapsed sewer line that is preventing solid waste from making its way to the main sewer system, which will require some work to excavate your backyard and replace the damaged pipe. You may also have tree roots in the sewer drain pipe, which can be cleared using a sewer snake.