Plumbing Supplies To Winterize Your Plumbing Pipes For The Winter

There is a certain recognizable chill in the air when the sun goes down, leaves are starting to take on familiar hues of seasons passed, and you know it is time to start thinking about winterizing your home. If you live in an area where the temperatures fall below freezing on a regular basis and you have plumbing pipes that are not inside of the house or far below ground, your plumbing pipes must be part of that winterization process. A simple trip to the plumbing supply store can yield you all you need to get your pipes prepped and ready for the winter season. Take a look at what you should get to protect your pipes. 

Faucet Socks for Outdoor Water Sprockets

Your outdoor water sprockets are perhaps most vulnerable to freezing over or contributing to a frozen line because they are constantly exposed to the cold. Faucet socks are a great solution that offer insulation for these exterior plumbing fixtures. These sock-like covers slip over the faucet and tie tightly in place at the base to prevent cold air from slipping in. The material these socks are made of absorb heat in the atmosphere and hold it in place to keep temperatures inside the sock warmer than what it is outside. 

Insulating Pipe Tape for Exposed Lines

Keeping your pipes insulated from the cold is not all that complicated when you have insulating pipe tape. This tape comes in a roll like regular tape and has an adhesive backing, but it is made out of thicker insulating material that prevents the cold air from coming in direct contact with the pipe to prevent freezing water inside. This tape works well on pipe sections that may protrude from the ground or popes that are under your house in the crawlspace. 

Slip-On Pipe Insulation for Metal Lines

metal lines can actually be a little more prone to freezing because the metal absorbs cold air in the atmosphere unlike plastic or PVC. If you have metal lines that are at risk of freezing, invest in several pieces of slip-on pipe insulation. This insulation material is made in the shape of a pipe with a hole through the center and a slit along one side so the pieces can slip right over the plumbing pipe. The best thing about the slip-on pipe insulation is it is easy to put on and easy to pull off when winter is over. 

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