Three Benefits Of Having A Well Drilled Rather Than Connecting To Public Supply

If you are building a new home—especially one in a rural area—you may have to choose between having a well drilled on your property and connecting the home to the public water supply. Some homeowners prefer to just connect to the public water so that there's always a water supply and the town gets to handle all of the maintenance. But in fact, there are some benefits of having a personal well drilled instead.

1. A well is probably cheaper.

Connecting to a public water supply can be very expensive, especially if you are building the home a distance from the closest water supply pipes. You have to coordinate with the local water company, and that can mean facing a lot of fees and charges along the way. Having a well drilled is often less expensive, and the pricing structure is simpler. The well company will give you a quote that includes everything. You won't get halfway through the process and realize you have a whole other bill to pay to some government agency!

2. You can put the house anywhere.

If you connect to the public water supply, this may present some restrictions as far as house placement is concerned. The water company may only be able to make their lines so long, or they may require that their pipe comes in on a certain side of the house. With a well, you have greater flexibility in your building plans. The well company is working for you, so as long as your design meets building codes, they can run pipes from the home to the well regardless of where on the property you actually place the house.

3. You have control over your own water contents.

It would be nice if public water were perfectly clean and safe, but it's not always. Sometimes, the water supply gets contaminated, and since you are not in charge of the water, there is little you can do. But you can control the quality of the water in your own well! Have the water tested often, install the filters and treatment systems that you need, and relax in the confidence that your own water is safe and clean. If you do run into a problem with your own water quality, you can fix it as you see fit.

Reach out to a well drilling company like Jackson Well Services to learn more about the benefits of well water over a public connection.