2 Signs Your Company’s Steel Storage Building Needs Professional Attention

If you use an old steel building to store your company's materials, you may wonder whether the wear and tear on the exterior warrants either repair or replacement of the metal panels. If so, look for the following signs that your company's steel storage building may need professional attention.

Steel Panels Are Separating

One sign that your old storage building is wearing down is when you find steel panels that have separated. If so, the walls are no longer keeping water and moisture out of the building, exposing your supplies and materials to conditions that could ruin them and cost you money.

If you find panels that have come part, look closely at the point of separation to see if you can find the cause. If the steel material from which the panels are made have rusted through, you most likely will not be able to permanently seal the gaps because the oxidation will continue to spread. You will need to have the rusted panels replaced.

Rusty Screws

As you continue your inspection of the steel building, turn your attention to the screws that keep the panels and infrastructure together. If they have become rusted, there is a chance that the screws have weakened.

If this happens, they may become so weak that they could break off during a bad rainstorm with heavy winds. If they were to break, the panels could come loose and fly off of the building, exposing your materials to the rain. And, if the panels do fly off, they could damage or injure anything or anyone nearby.

If you see any rusted screws, use a screwdriver to take one or two of them out to assess their condition. If they are covered in rust, look at the holes that surrounded them.

If the holes in the panels are not rusted, you may be able to simply replace the screws with new galvanized steel ones that do not rust. However, if the holes are showing signs of oxidation, you may want to have a contractor look at the damage to see whether the rust can be removed or the panels need to be replaced.

If you see any of the above signs while inspecting your steel storage building, you may need to have it either repaired or replaced. Contact a contractor who specializes in constructing steel buildings to have them look at your storage facility and discuss your options for what needs to be done. You can also visit websites like http://cic-cbc.com/.