A Fake Front Lawn? It’s A Better Idea Than It Sounds

Front lawns have long been the pride and joy of American homeowners. Many a neighborly disagreement has occurred over the presence or absence of dandelions in the front yard, and some enter in all-out competitions to see who can keep their grass the best groomed. But with as busy as most working homeowners are these days, there's just not a lot of time left for mowing, fertilizing, and pulling weeds. That doesn't mean your front yard needs to look messy. There's a solution: fake grass.

What is fake grass?

You've surely seen artificial grass on football fields and maybe friends' pool decks. It looks like real grass from a distance, but once you get up close and touch it, you realize it's made from very lifelike plastic. Fake grass is becoming more popular in residential settings, and some homeowners are actually removing their entire front lawn to have it replaced with this artificial material. There are companies that will come do the installation for you, or you can do the work yourself — it involves ripping out the sod layer of your lawn, flattening the ground, and laying down the artificial lawn, which either comes in a large roll or big interlocking squares.

What are the benefits of a fake grass lawn?

The primary benefit is, of course, that you don't have to mow your lawn anymore! It stays the perfect length, color, and thickness all year round, regardless of rainfall or the presence of pests. A fake lawn also lowers your water bills, which is good for your wallet and for the earth. It's an especially smart choice in a drought-prone area where there may be restrictions on your water use, as you'll have more water left for other uses like drinking and laundry. Installing fake grass also allows you to reduce your use of pesticides and fertilizer, which is good for your family's health and for the animals in the area. 

Are there any downfalls to fake grass?

The only major downfall to installing a fake lawn is the upfront cost. You can expect to spend a few thousand on the average-sized lawn. However, there are some savings to be had if you install the lawn yourself or have it placed during the off season when landscaping companies are not that busy. Once someone steps on the lawn, they will know it's not real — but nobody driving or walking by will know any different.

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