2 Simple Ways To Completely Transform Your Home

You may have recently bought a new home. Although you probably like the layout of the place, the design might need some work. If you are ready to turn it into something that is a better representation of you and your family, there are some fun ways to completely change the home for the better. You could make a home with an outdated exterior look far more modern by simply going along with a few essential changes.

Get Rid of the Carpet

If the home is carpeted and you are not a fan of it, you could start the renovations off by getting rid of it all. Strip the carpet from the floors and the staircase. Removing the carpet is a good idea for several reasons. Carpet stains easily and requires much more maintenance than other options. If the carpet was installed years ago when the previous owners lived in the home, it could have a used appearance to it. No matter how much you vacuum and shampoo those carpets, it could be difficult to get them looking new again.

If there is hardwood flooring underneath the carpet, it may still be in good condition. If it is not in good condition, you could always hire some professionals to help with refinishing the hardwood flooring to make it look glossy and new again. Hardwood floors require far less maintenance and tend to have such a beautiful appearance.

Start Painting Everything

After getting rid of the carpet and having the floors refinished if necessary, it is a good time to start painting different things inside the home. You could start with having the main rooms painted different colors. Select colors based on how they make you feel. Certain colors may evoke different feelings for you. Shades of orange and yellow are bright and might make you feel more at ease and comfortable. Shades of blue and purple could make you feel excited or even relaxed.

After selecting the shades you want to use for different rooms throughout the home, you could select a finish. You may want to choose a matte, satin or eggshell finish. Additional finishes may be available, so make sure to talk to the professional painters about the options they have available for you to use in your home.

Hire professional painters to get the job done quicker. Not only are they capable of painting rooms for you at a faster pace, but they have the experience that could keep them from making common mistakes homeowners often make when they attempt to do the painting themselves. Once the walls of each room have been painted, consider painting the staircase and the banister, too. These are things you do not want to forget, especially if you have had the carpet removed from the staircase.

Along with painting the walls and the staircase, you might want to have the interior doors and cabinets painted, too. If you are truly trying to renovate the home and change the way it looks entirely, you could have the kitchen cabinets and doors sanded down a bit and painted with new and brighter colors. A simple paint job could give the entire home the face lift that it needs.

If you have purchased a home and would like to make some changes to the way it looks, start by getting rid of the old, used carpet. Consider refinishing the hardwood floors and keeping them instead of getting new carpet because it often requires so much maintenance. Once the carpet is gone, make sure to start painting different rooms. Contact a professional painting company to help you with the task of painting walls, banisters, kitchen cabinets and even interior doors. By the time these different tasks are completed, the home will already look like an entirely new and exciting place to live. You can also visit websites like http://www.jmaintenanceco.com.