The Advent Of The Tiny House: Why You Need A Custom Home Builder

It is the age of the tiny house; little houses barely big enough for two adults. These little homes are frequently built on utility trailers so that they can go anywhere. They can also be built over tiny basements and tiny slab foundations, if you just want your tiny house to stay put. If you are looking into this cute and quaint option, you may be surprised at the cost. That said, you need a custom home builder involved for several reasons.

Custom Home Building Companies Are Getting in on the Tiny House Craze

If you do any online research, you will find that custom home builders are getting in on the tiny house craze. Some contractors are devoting all of their time to building these tiny homes and not working on anything else. The benefit of hiring a tiny house custom builder is that everything is installed perfectly and will work the first time.

Tiny Homes Cost More Than a New Car

It is very surprising, but many of these tiny houses cost more than a brand new luxury car. In fact, if you build the biggest possible tiny house, it could cost as much as an RV! That said, if you are still gung-ho on having your own tiny house, you want to be absolutely certain it has all of the features you want and nothing extra. To make it your own and not a copy of someone else's blueprints, a custom home builder can help.

You Could Build Your Own, But....

Most people who want to build their own tiny house find that it takes a lot of time, money, and supplies. They have to keep working to afford the supplies to build the tiny house and still pay for whatever housing they are currently living in. You could build your own tiny house too, but the problem is that you would still need assistance with wiring the place for electricity and plumbing. Both of these features are directly tied to systems that are commonly used with RVs, so your contractor(s) would have to know how to install the electric and plumbing in a similar manner.

At the Very Least, Use a Custom Home Builder as a Resource

Custom home building companies make custom homes year round. This is the very nature of making individual and unique homes, and they have the experience to design and build them. Even if you do not hire a custom home builder to build your tiny house, you should (at the very least) use them as a resource for building and design information.