How To Secure A Daycare Center

Opening a daycare is one of the most profitable ways to make money, especially if it is located near a few residential neighborhoods. However, you must keep in mind that you will be responsible for the safety of the children while they are in your care. You can end up in legal trouble if something happens to any of the children, so you should make sure your daycare center is very secure. Below, you will find tips that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to securing your daycare center.

1. Hire a Security Guard to Monitor the Grounds

If you are opening a daycare center in an area that has a high crime rate, it is worth making an investment in a security guard. The presence of a security guard walking around the grounds of the daycare center can intimidate criminals. Another perk of having a security guard is that parents might be more willing to enroll their children at your center. You might not want to get a security guard that is armed, as it might not be acceptable to the parents. Make sure the guard is hired for patrolling the interior and exterior of the daycare center.

2. Place Surveillance Cameras Around the Daycare Center

Another good method of security for a daycare center is the installation of surveillance cameras. You will not only be able to monitor the cameras for criminal activity from outsiders, but also from your employees. Just keep in mind that certain security will have more features than others, so choose wisely. You might want to opt for cameras that are able to zoom in on any suspect activity. Make sure the cameras are able to move when motion is detected as well.

3. Pay a Contractor to Install a Wrought Iron Fence

Your daycare center will be more secure by simply getting a fence installed around the perimeter of it. However, you must make sure the fence is made out of a strong material. Opting for a wrought iron fence is worth considering, as it will be difficult for criminals to get through. Wrought iron is very hard to bend. A wrought iron fence can also add curb appeal to your center, which might attract more customers. Parents will also appreciate being able to see their children when they are outside playing, as you can see through a wrought iron fence.