Do You Need a Peltier-Equipped Dehumidifier?

If you have too much moisture in your home, mold and mildew can start to grow. While you may be able to keep the mold in check when it appears on visible areas of your home, it can grow inside of your walls and cooling ducts. Thus, investing in a dehumidifier is a good idea. Depending on how much money you spend, you may be able to buy a Peltier-equipped dehumidifier, but that does not mean that you should definitely buy one. If you have the choice between a dehumidifier that operates based on the Peltier effect and one that does not, your choice will hinge on what your priorities are. 

Meaning of "Peltier-Equipped"

You may be wondering what it means to have a Peltier-equipped dehumidifier. Basically, it means that you have a machine that does not require a compressor to operate. What this means for you is that the machine will be quieter. If you do not like the low rumble of a compressor disrupting the peaceful quite of your home, then you may feel like it is worth your money to buy a Peltier-equipped dehumidifier. On the other hand, you will pay more money both initially and over the long run.

Initial Costs

As is the case with many new technologies, dehumidifiers that operate using the Peltier effect are more expensive than ones that use a generator. Thus, you will have to pay more money initially to purchase your machine. 

Operating Costs

Many homeowners would be willing to buy a machine that is more expensive initially if they knew that they would be saving money down the road. This is not the case with a Peltier-equipped dehumidifier. The principle that allows the machine to extract humidity from the air in your home does not use electricity as efficiently as a dehumidifier that features a compressor. 

Having a noisy piece of machinery in your house can make it hard to hear conversation as well as entertainment media. If you would rather not have to talk over your dehumidifier, then it might be worth it to you to buy a machine that uses the Peltier effect. On the other hand, if you don't have the money to buy one initially, or you don't want to cramp your monthly budget, then you might need to go for the less expensive, more efficient model that uses a compressor. Furthermore, if you want to reduce the strain on mother nature, then you should choose the model that uses less electricity and that is not the Peltier dehumidifier.