5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into Your New Dream Room

If you're looking for a way to turn heads with your newly remodeled bathroom, it may seem like a real challenge. The bathroom is a functional room with a limited amount of space that usually becomes an afterthought in most homes. But with some creative touches, you can have the luxury bathroom you've always dreamed of. Here are 5 fun suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Spa Shower. Today's shower designs are both beautiful and more functional than ever before. Spa showers can come with a variety of luxurious features like open concept designs, rain shower heads, multiple shower heads, cross body sprays, and stunning wall or floor tiles. If you have the space, consider installing a larger shower -- even a two-person style -- with a glass enclosure to open up the room. 

Statement Tub. A specialty bathtub can become the focal point of a large and open bathroom. Whether it's a claw foot style or a more modern variation with a pedestal, placing a standalone tub prominently in the bathroom can be a fancy, artistic feature. If you're a fan of the long, hot soak, turn this area into a mini-spa with fluffy towels, a soft mat, and your favorite bath products.

Warmed Flooring. Bathrooms may feel cold and unwelcoming in many homes, but you can avoid this by installing radiant in-floor heating. This way, you can choose high quality stone or tile flooring materials without sacrificing comfort on your bare feet during cold winter months.

Wire the Room. Want to design a room that you will never want to leave? Wire it for your entertainment as well. By including a television, surround sound system, and streaming options, your bathroom will turn into a place to linger and enjoy rather than just use.

Accessorize. There are as many ways to add luxury accessories to the bathroom as there are homeowners to enjoy them. A beautiful hanging pendant lamp can counteract the functionality of most bathroom lighting. If you live in a colder clime, consider installing a gas-insert fireplace to enjoy during your long bubble baths. Oversize windows with light, flowing curtains not only bring in extra natural lighting, but they also soften up a harsh environment. And don't be afraid to use actual artwork in the bathroom -- including sculptures, wall art, pottery, or baskets. 

There's no reason to settle for a new bathroom that doesn't thrill you. Working with a contractor, such as those at ULF & Associates, LLC, you can choose materials, styles, and additions that will instead bring you joy every time you step inside the room.