Yee-Haw: 5 Ideas For Throwing A Wild West-Themed Kids’ Birthday Party:

Creating a Wild West-themed birthday party is a great way for your little cowboy or cowgirl to have a rootin-tootin' good time. With a few party rental options and a bit of creativity, you can throw a party worthy of the Wild West in your backyard. Here are some options to consider.

Set Up A Wild West Picture Booth

Some party rental companies offer picture booth services, which come with a photographer and your choice of backgrounds. Choose a Wild West backdrop, and have the party rental company print off pictures of the little ones to look like old-fashioned wanted posters. Have plenty of bandannas, fake mustaches, cowboy hats, and wigs ready so all your little guests can have fun dressing up for the camera.

Build A Gold Mine

You can create your own gold mine by filling a kiddie pool with sand and burying small party favors in the sand. Give each child a sandbox sifter (you can find these at your local toy or dollar store), and let them pan for "gold." Be sure to refill the gold mine with treats throughout the day so every tiny cowpoke can find a special surprise.

Hire A Cowboy

You can hire an actor to play the role of a cowboy at the birthday party for a little added fun. He can take pictures with your party guests and even sit with the birthday boy or girl when it's time to cut the cake. For even more excitement, consider hiring a few and have them perform a kid-friendly Wild West skit.

Offer Pony Rides

Check with your local horse stable to rent a pony for the day. Some stables will offer pony rentals along with a handler to help the little ones as they play cowboy on top of a pint-sized horse. Be sure to check with your local government to ensure you follow any rules and regulations regarding non-domesticated animals on your property.

Eat On A Haystack

Instead of renting traditional tables, consider renting haystacks instead. This adds an authentic Wild West feel to your party and gives little ones a reason to sit through mealtime. You can even rent smaller haystacks to use as benches. Add red or blue handkerchiefs to each table setting to continue the theme, and place condiments in galvanized buckets for a fun finishing touch.

Throwing a Wild West birthday party might just be as much fun for you as it is for your birthday boy or girl. Check with your local party rental company, such as City Rentals, to find other unique options to make this themed event a hit with your kids and their friends.