3 Plumbing Supplies To Get For Your Water Softener

Water softener systems are great for filtering out minerals and providing you with crystal clear water. They help make sure your water isn't loaded with iron that can damage or destroy your plumbing fixtures and turn them a brownish-orange in color. While water systems can be fairly easy to maintain, there are a few things that they need to make sure they are in good working order at all times. Check out these three items that can make sure your water softener system continues to work like it should throughout the year.

Tank sleeves.

A plumbing sleeve is essentially like a jacket that can wrap around your water softener tank and prevent it from sweating too much. This is extremely important during the warm summer months. You don't want your tank sweating and leaking water all over the floor. This could end up damaging your flooring and creating mold. In the winter, the sleeve will provide it with an insulated barrier that keeps it at peak temperature and prevents the tank from freezing. Sleeves are available in an assortment of different sizes to best accommodate your tank.


Another thing your system needs to stay working properly is a filter. You don't want to leave the filter in for too long or all of the minerals will end up clogging the filter and preventing it from being able to do its job properly. Filters come in an assortment of different styles. If you have a lot of sand or minerals, choose the one that filters out the most microns. Depending on how heavy the sand and minerals are, you might have to change the filter every couple of months to keep your system working properly.

Pipe wraps.

Similar to the tank sleeves, pipe wraps go around all of the pipes leading into the system. Your pipes can end up condensating and leaking pretty badly during the summer, so the wraps will help to insulate them and prevent the water from leaking all over the floors and creating additional problems for you. You simply open up the wrap and slide it over the pipes. You can even cut them to size to make sure you get the best length for your system.

By adding the three things above to your water softener system, you can make sure your system has the proper tools it needs to make it through the different seasons. Contact a plumbing supply company, like Beebe Inc or another location, for more help and information.