Clever Ways To Make Your Studio Or Loft Seem Larger

If you live in a loft or a studio apartment, you likely wish you could get a bit more from your space. It can be tough to segregate lounging space from your home office, or to cook where you sleep, which is a downside to these efficient living situations. If you wish you could get more from the space you do have, try these simple remodeling ideas to reconfigure your current digs:

Paint the ceilings and walls the same color.

Painting the entire room, floor to ceiling, the same color will make a space seem larger — including a loft or studio. If you rent the space, be sure to ask permission from your landlord to paint or you risk losing your security deposit. Add a visual focal point in the center of the ceiling, such as a cool ceiling medallion around a light fixture, to draw the eye up and make the space seem higher.

Construct a rolling wall of shelving.

Hire contractors and carpenters to build a wall of shelves on heavy-duty casters, which is a rolling bookcase of sorts. This can be used as a temporary partition between two spaces, such as the bedroom and the living are, while providing shelving storage to both sides. The casters make it easy to move and reconfigure as needed.

Invest in multifunctional furnishings.

Create a cool universal living vibe with multifunctional furnishings. For instance, buy dorm-room bunkbeds that provide a futon-style bed up top and a cool place to study and put your desk underneath. Try buying pieces with built-in storage cavities, such as ottomans or sectional sofas, to solve storage problems in small quarters.

Build a platform for your bed.

Another cool way to carve some space out for yourself in a small home is to have a platform built for your bed. This elevates the bed, giving you the illusion of privacy, while taking up far less space than if you had a bulky frame with nightstands on the floor. Try some artificial foliage around the perimeter to further obscure and add interest to your sleeping area.

Ask builders about pull-outs.

Remember the old-style Murphy beds that pulled out of the wall? Many contractors may be able to recreate this for an apartment or small space by making desks, tables, or benches that drop down as needed. Talk with builders, like Max Gray Construction Inc, for specifics and cost estimates.

An open floor plan can be an efficient and modern design scheme; however, they often are lacking in square footage. If you want to make your studio seem larger, it may pay to reconfigure the space and segregate different areas. Talk to contractors about ways to make your home seem larger, including these tips!