How To Find And Hire A Good Painting Contractor

When you need to find and hire a good painting contractor, here are a few considerations you can make and tasks you can do to make sure that the work is done professionally and on schedule:

  • Find Local Painting Contractors - Ask the staff at building and painting supply stores for painting contractor referrals. Staff at these stores are continually in contact with painting contractors and may have a job board or list of available painters in the area. Check online job search websites for painting contractors offering their services in your local area. 
  • Interview - Choose at least three candidates and meet with each of them at the work site to discuss the specifics of the job. Ask to see their painting contractor's license, if one is required in your state. Ask to see a copy of the painting contractor's liability and personal injury insurance. Ask for past client references. 
  • Job To Be Completed - Explain the job thoroughly and specify what exact surfaces are to be painted (walls, ceilings, trims, moldings), what paint is to be used, and what finishes are desired for each surface. Specify that the painter will prepare all surfaces to be painted and provide all tools to complete the job such as brushes, paint rollers, tarps, ladders, sanders, and any other tools deemed necessary. Indicate that you will choose and provide all undercoats, paints, varnishes, and finishes required to do the job. 
  • References - Get a minimum of three references from each job candidate and call and speak directly with each one. If possible, ask to meet with the references and see the work that was completed by the painting contractor to see how the work has held up over time. 
  • Contract - Once you hire a contractor, draft a written contract for both of you to sign. Standard painting contract templates are available online. Check any search engine for templates applicable to your local area in case there are any laws or state regulations in effect when you hire an independent contractor. Specify in the contract the exact hourly rate that you will pay for the painting contractor's services. Also specify a start date when work must commence and a completion date when all work must be completed. Include a warranty in the contract which states that the painting contractor will work on schedule and guarantee that his paint job will last for a minimum of five years. Stipulate that if there is any peeling, cracking, or chipping of the painted surfaces within five years, that the painting contractor will return to repair the damage at no additional cost. Note in the contract that if the painting contractor fails to complete his work in a professional manner and in an agreed upon time, that the contract will become null and void and that you will then have the right to have someone else complete the job. 

With a thorough interview and a detailed written contract signed by both you and the hired painting contractor, you both will be in agreement on the scope of the job, the cost and time for the job, and what will happen if either of you fails to comply with the contract. These steps will protect both you and the painting contractor and make for a trouble-free working relationship. 

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