Three Ways You Can Keep Your Cool Until Your A/C Is Fixed

Your body temperature -- and your stress level -- can quickly start to rise when your home's air conditioner breaks down. While a call to a local HVAC contractor (such as one from A Absolute Plumbing & Heating) can begin the process of having the problem diagnosed and repaired, you and your family might have to ensure a couple days until you're once again enjoying the cool flow of air from your A/C. While the air conditioner-less days can be a challenge, there's no need to panic. You can perform a variety of different creative steps that will keep you as cool as possible until the problem is fixed. 

Run A Dehumidifier

When you don't have air conditioning and the heat inside your home feels stifling, part of the discomfort you're experiencing is the humidity. You can give your family some reprieve from the mugginess by running a dehumidifier, which will pull the moisture out of the air. While the use of a dehumidifier won't technically lower the temperature inside your home, the air will feel much more pleasant when it's lower in humidity. To see proof of the change, you can buy a cheap indoor thermometer with a humidity reading. As you run the dehumidifier, you'll be able to watch the humidity reading steadily drop.

Cool Your Body With Ice Or Water

Filling your freezer with ice packs and then holding the packs against your body can quickly drop the temperature of your skin and increase your comfort level. For best results, wrap each ice pack in a tea towel and avoid keeping it against your body for long periods, as doing so can irritate your skin. If you don't have ice packs, you can fill a freezer bag with water and place it in the freezer for a homemade solution. For a more moderate way of cooling yourself, cold tap water in a plastic bag or in a hot water bottle can provide a pleasant chill.

Avoid Excess Appliance Usage

Few things will add to the heat in your already-hot home like running appliances. Do your best to avoid using appliances such as your oven and dryer more than you have to. Treating your family to some take-out food or grilling your meals outside can help you avoid the oven while making use of a backyard clothes line is an ideal way to minimize your dryer usage. If you have to run these appliances, do so at night when the interior of your home is a little cooler.