Controlling Erosion To Protect Property

Erosion of the soil can cause major problems for homeowners. Unstable ground can wear away thanks to heavy rains and runoff, and can create serious foundation problems. If you're thinking of building a new home, there are steps your builder can take in order to help prevent or at least minimize the effects that erosion can have on property. Here are some ways that erosion can be addressed in order to give a home better stability.

Construction Tips

For home builders, assessing the ground is part of the overall big picture when it comes to building a home. Here are some things builders can do to help deal with the issue of erosion:

  • Construction should be performed in the spring and summer months when possible. This way when it rains, they can better analyze where the erosion problems are occurring and plan accordingly.
  • Building sites should be analyzed before they begin, and the soil and drainage patterns should be looked at closely. This can help to determine the best places to begin adding a home's foundation.
  • As much vegetation as possible should be preserved, since it can help to prevent erosion. It also saves on the cost of adding in more landscaping later.
  • The dirt should be disturbed as little as possible since moving and tilling up the ground can make it less stable and more vulnerable to erosion.
  • Reroute traffic when possible during construction to help prevent excess disturbance of unpaved ground.

Stabilizing Soil

Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to help improve the stability of soil. Planting grass can actually help control erosion and it is inexpensive and works quickly. Check with local agricultural groups to find out which seeds will be best for your area. Adding mulch to landscapes can also help protect the ground from water-related erosion. Mulch has an added benefit of promoting healthy plant growth.

In areas where the soil is especially fragile, builders can install mats made of jute netting and plastic sheeting to help cover the ground. These mats should come in direct contact with the soil and be properly fastened so they stay stable in order for them to work properly. Water control also needs to be addressed. This can be accomplished by collecting any excess rain in barrels and making sure all runoff is directed away from the home. Staying vigilant and taking steps to help reduce erosion problems before they start will help ensure all new homes have a solid, stable foundation. Contact a company like Specialty Construction Supply for more information.