3 Big Reasons Why Using Wooden Pallets For Moving Is A Logical Solution

If there is one thing that any individual dreads the most, it is packing up everything that they own and transporting it to a new location. Regardless of how many people you have helping or what professional movers you hire, moving is definitely one of the more trying tasks you will face in life, and according to research, the average person will move about 11 times in their life. If you want to make any move less stressful to handle, there is one simple solution that can help: wooden pallets. Here are three big reasons why you should have wooden pallets readily available for your next relocation.

Eliminate Having to Move One Piece at a Time

Set up a wooden pallet in the garage or otherwise and you get to do something completely different than you normally would. You can stack several items on one pallet and load them onto a truck with a pallet jack in one swoop. Using shrink wrap to secure the items will mean you can stack your belongings fairly high without worrying about them toppling over as they are transported, even if it is a bunch of irregularly shaped boxes.

Move Heavy Items without a Lot of Effort

The average wooden pallet can support more than 2,000 pounds. Therefore, if you have heavy items that would otherwise be almost impossible to move long distances, loading these items on a pallet can be an ideal solution that will make your moving feat much less difficult. Large heavy dressers and even heavy tools in the garage are good examples of household items that can weigh a great deal, and all of these items could potentially be loaded onto a pallet and moved.

Cut Unloading and Loading Times in Half

Anytime you are moving, you will have to have a truck or large vehicle to load and transport your belongings, which most likely means you will have to rent an expensive vehicle or moving truck. Because you will likely be paying for a rented moving truck according to how long you keep it, you will be in a rush to get everything loaded, transported, and unloaded at the new location quickly. With a pallet jack and wooden pallets, you could easily cut your rental time in half because loading and unloading the vehicle will take nowhere near as long.

Even though you may never consider pallets for a residential move, it is logical to see how these normally commercial pieces of equipment could be very useful. Check with a local pallet supply center like Colorado Industrial Wood Products for information regarding using pallets the next time you are facing a big move.