How To Easily Remove Wallpaper In Your Kitchen

If you are going to be remodeling your kitchen, you may have some old wallpaper that needs to come down. Wallpaper was once a popular wall covering choice due to the variety of designs available and the fact that it can be easily cleaned. The popularity of wallpaper has died out quite a bit and now the popular choice is paint. This may leave you in the position of needing to remove your old wallpaper to give your kitchen a nice, fresh look. This article will walk you through the process of removing the wallpaper from your kitchen so you can achieve the look you desire.

Prepare your work area: The first thing you need to do is to protect the other areas in your kitchen. You do this by placing a sheet of plastic on the floors and counters under the walls you will be removing the wallpaper from. Put away any breakables that may be accidentally knocked over in the process of taking the wallpaper off from the walls.

You also need to remove light switch covers and outlet covers from the targeted walls. Make sure you turn the power off to those outlets before removing them and don't turn the power back on until the job is completed.

Prepare the wall and solution

In order to remove the wallpaper easily from the wall, you should first score it. Scoring the wall involves using a scoring device to create small holes in the wallpaper. These holes will allow the solution to seep into the wallpaper so it can be removed from the wall. Go over the entire surface of the wall with the scorer.

A great solution for you to use to quickly take wallpaper down can be made at home. Mix a solution of half hot water and half fabric softener and put it into a spray bottle.

Remove the wallpaper

To remove the wallpaper, spray a generous amount of the solution a section at a time and give it a few minutes for the solution to work. Take a corner of the wallpaper and pull it slowly and firmly off of the wall. If areas are sticking, you can use a putty knife to carefully lift that portion of wallpaper off the wall.

Once you have removed all the wallpaper, you want to make sure you clean the walls well so they are prepared for the next step in your remodeling plan. Scrubbing the walls with a sponge dipped in hot water with a few drops of liquid dish soap should be all the cleaning that's necessary. Once the wall is cleaned, rinse it with plain water and towel-dry it as best you can. Once the walls are dry, you can replace the switch and outlet covers and turn the power back on. For more information on kitchen remodeling services, contact a company like Winston Brown Construction.