2 Ingenious Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Backyard Wood Fence

Fencing off your backyard living space can give you the privacy you desire, but a lot of wood fences are boring. Trying to find a way to keep your outdoor living space exciting and unique can be difficult when you think you have to stick to traditional wood fencing materials.

Here are two ingenious ideas you can incorporate into your backyard wood fence to keep the excitement in your outdoor living space in the future.

1. Replace some fencing panels with a large chalkboard instead.

Giving your little ones a place to express their creativity outside is simple if you take the time to incorporate a chalkboard into your backyard fence. To complete this project you will need to measure your existing fencing panels and invest in a piece of plywood that is the same size.

Next, mix your own chalkboard paint by adding one tablespoon of unsanded grout per cup of paint. Making your own chalkboard paint allows you to paint the plywood any color you want, giving you the ability to match your existing fence or add a pop of unexpected color. Use some wood trim to frame your painted plywood, and incorporate the chalkboard panel into your backyard wood fence using metal bracket to attach it to the fencing panels on either side, and bolts to attach it to your fence posts.

2. Give your dog some peepholes to peek out of.

Your pet likely spends a significant amount of time in your backyard, and being stuck behind an opaque wood fence can get boring. If you want to give your dog the chance to take in the scenery beyond your fence, you can incorporate some peepholes into your existing wood fencing.

This project requires that you invest in some acrylic domes that will act as the windows for your dog to see out of. Use a circular saw to cut holes in your fencing panels that are large enough to slide the acrylic domes through. Once the domes are in place, seal them off with a waterproof caulk. Be sure that you place the peepholes low enough for your dog to see out of with ease, and you will have a unique addition to your backyard fence.

Setting your home apart doesn't have to be difficult when you take the time to think outside the box when it comes to your backyard. Incorporating a chalkboard panel into your existing wood fencing will ensure that you don't sacrifice your creativity for a bit of privacy. Adding acrylic dome peepholes for your dog can give your wood fence a uniquely nautical look, making your home more interesting.

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