Four Essential Tips For Repairing Damaged Wood Framing In Window And Door Openings

If you are going to install new windows and doors in your home, it is likely that you are going to uncover damage. This damage may not be limited to the window casings and trim, but it can also be damage to the wood framing in your home. Rotten wood framing can lead to structural problems, which you will want to address. Here are a few tips to help you with these structural repairs:

1. Remove All Trim And Casing Of The Window

Before you can do any repairs to the wood framing, it will need to be exposed.  You will want to remove the trim on the inside of the window, as well as outside casing. This can allow you to get a good view of the wood framing and any damage to it. If there is no damage, you can easily put the trim back and move on to the next window.

2. Cut Out Drywall To Access Wood Framing Problems

If there is damage to the framing, you will want to remove the interior drywall to access it. To do this, scribe down each side of the window to the floor with a utility knife. You can use a level to make a straight line to do this.  With the claw of a hammer, remove the sheetrock from the top down working it loose.  If it is damaged, do not worry about breaking it. If it is in good shape, try to remove it in square pieces so you can put it back.

3. Remove Loose Nails And Fasteners To Replace Wood Pieces

When removing the wood framing, there are likely nails and fasteners holding it in place. You can use a reciprocating saw to cut any nails and screws loose. When doing this, you will want to be careful not to cut any wires in the wall. If there are wires where you are working, you will want to turn the power off to the wires at the breaker box.

4. Fitting Window Framing With Moisture Barrier To Prevent Future Problems

Once you have done the repairs to the wood framing, you will want to add a new moisture barrier. You can use house-wrap to slide between the exterior sheeting and siding or other finish. Cut diagonal cuts around the window to slide it between the window and framing. In addition, you can tape all the corners with a rubber tape to ensure that it is sealed.

Repairing these problems now can help prevent structural damage and ensure your windows last for many years. If you need help with installing your windows, contact a window service like Fary W. T. Bros Lumber Co. to get the help you need.