Pros And Cons Of A Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Advances in fire alarm monitoring technology has made a wide range of features possible, including wireless monitoring. For many, switching to a wireless system has made sense. If you are considering a wireless monitoring system, here are some pros and cons to consider. 


One benefit to a wireless fire alarm system is that it can be installed virtually anywhere. The system does not have to be wired to function and usually only requires a few screws and bolts to place it. This makes it highly portable, which means you can move it when you need to. Other benefits include:

  • Works during power outages. Wireless systems operate on batteries, which means they work even in a power outage. 
  • Quick installation. Due to the design of the wireless fire alarm system, you can install it quickly without the need to read a long set of instructions.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Unlike a wired system, which can leave exposed wires that take away from the overall décor, a wireless system can be discreetly placed without wires sticking out of it. 

Depending on the system you select, you could possibly control it with apps from your phone, computer, or tablet. 


Even though there are a lot of pros to a wireless fire alarm system, there are a few cons. For instance, you will need to ensure batteries are kept in stock for when it is time to replace the batteries. Other cons include:

  • More expensive. A wireless fire alarm system usually costs more than a wired system. 
  • Range limitations. Your fire alarm system can have trouble transmitting to the monitoring system when there are problems if it is not within a certain range of the main controls. 
  • Interference. If other electronics are in the area, they can interfere with the alarm's ability to function.

Some of the cons can be overcome. For instance, to avoid interference problems from other devices, ensure that electronics that could possibly interfere are kept out of the immediate vicinity of the system. 

Another con, the price, is unavoidable, but the value of the features that the system offers can make it worthwhile to spend the extra money. 

To determine whether or not a wireless fire alarm monitoring system is best for your home or business, consult with a security expert. An expert can help you assess your home and recommend the best wireless system to fit your particular needs. To learn more, contact Fyr Fyter Inc