Waterproof Your Home: 4 Tips For Keeping Your Rain Gutters In Good Condition

Those metal rain gutters on your home do more than just keep water off your porch. They also waterproof your home by draining rain water away from the foundation and basement. If your gutters aren't cleaned and properly maintained, you could be putting your home and your wallet in danger, especially if your basement floods. If your rain gutters have seen better days, you don't have to have them replaced. Here is a step-by-step guide for cleaning and repairing your rain gutters.

Remove the Debris

Before you repair the damage, you'll need to begin with a clean surface. Use your hands to remove the dirt and debris that's inside the rain gutters. Once the debris has been removed, you'll use a garden hose to remove the dirt that's caked to the bottom of the gutter. Now that the gutters are clean, you'll be able to begin the repairs.

Scrape Away the Rust

Inspect the inside of the rain gutters, especially around the seams. You'll want to look for signs of rust deposits. Even a small amount of rust can destroy your gutters. Take a wire brush and scrape away the rust. Be sure to remove as much of the rust as you can. Remove the residual rust by wiping the area with a soft cloth. You're now ready to seal the surface of your gutters.

Seal the Surface

Now that the rust has been removed, you'll want to make sure that it doesn't return. The easiest way to do that is to apply a layer of rust-resistant spray paint. Spray the entire area with a thin layer of spray paint and allow it to dry for several hours. Be sure to cover the entire area to prevent rust from returning.

Repair the Hole

Rust can eat through metal, especially if it is not removed quickly enough. If you have holes in your rain gutters, you'll need to repair them. This simple technique will repair the damage so that you don't have to replace your gutters.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Putty knife

  • Aluminum foil

  • Roof cement


  1. Apply a thin layer of roofing cement to the damaged area.

  2. Place a piece of aluminum foil directly over the roofing cement.

  3. Use your putty knife to smooth the surface of the foil.

  4. Apply a second layer of roofing cement over the foil.

  5. Allow the foil to dry overnight.

Rainwater can cause damage to your home, especially if the water is allowed to collect around the foundation. You can use these simple steps to keep your rain gutters in tip-top shape.

For more information about waterproofing your home, contact Champion Waterproofing or a similar company.