3 Innovative Features to Consider When Replacing Windows

As you begin shopping for window replacements, consider some innovative features that manufacturers have introduced in recent years. Research and development teams in these companies learn the features homeowners would love to see in windows and respond to those wishes with new products. You might be interested in invisible screens, locks that allow venting and self-cleaning glass.

Invisible Screens

Unlike conventional window screens, you can't see invisible screens unless you're very close to the window. This is a welcome innovation for homeowners who are annoyed by the interference of screens with the view outdoors. Invisible screens also improve the appearance of the home from the outside. These products come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and vinyl-coated fiberglass. 

The difference is the size of the mesh, which has a much smaller diameter than traditional window screens. That actually allows in more fresh air while still blocking insects. 

Vent Locks

Often referred to as night locks or pin locks, this feature stops the window from opening beyond a set point, such as three inches from the frame bottom. You can enjoy fresh air without worrying about an intruder being able to get through a window screen. When you want to open the windows all the way, simply move the vent lock knob to the side.

These locks also are advantageous if you worry about a small child leaning against a window screen and falling out of the window. Vent locks also allow fresh air in while stopping pets from busting through the screen to chase a squirrel or rabbit. 

Self-Cleaning Glass

The microscopic coating on self-cleaning glass interacts with ultraviolet light to break down dust and dirt particles and organic debris—even sticky tree sap. When rainwater hits the glass, it easily carries the loosened particles off the window. 

This is especially convenient for windows on upper floors. In addition, if you've been hesitant to have skylights installed because of cleaning issues, self-cleaning glass is an excellent choice. 

If you live in a dry climate, you may have to do a minimal amount of exterior window cleaning. However, rather than having to stand on a ladder and wash the windows with a rag or sponge and some soapy water, you can just hose them off from the ground. 

If any of these features sound intriguing, ask contractors like The Door and Window Store about them when you start shopping for replacement windows. They can easily be included in most window styles.