Lighting A Fire In Your Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are a traditional source of heat and comfort in many homes. Lighting a successful fire in your wood burning stove can be tricky, and new stove owners may find it difficult to get a fire started. Some wood burning stoves come with specific manufacturer recommendations that outline how to light a fire, and these instructions should be followed carefully. However, in the absence of specific instructions, these tips and tricks will help you get the fire started. 

Load the Firebox with Split Wood and Kindling

Place several pieces of split wood across the bottom of the firebox. Lay the split wood side by side. Next, lay medium-sized kindling across the layer of split wood on the bottom. Finally, place small pieces of kindling over the medium-sized pieces of kindling. 

Use Black and White Newspaper as the FIre Starter

Black and white newspaper makes an excellent fire starter. Never use newspaper with colored inks, or glossy paper from magazines. When burned, colored ink and glossy paper can release toxins into your stove pipe that can contribute to the buildup of creosote. 

Roll the newspaper into long tubes and then tie each tube into a crude knot. Doing this will prevent the newspaper from rolling around inside the firebox. These knots of newspaper will serve as your fire starter. 

Place the Newspaper at the Top of the Pile

Many people are inclined to place the newspaper at the bottom of the wood pile, allowing the flames to rise up through the wood and kindling. Although this seems sensible, starting the fire from the bottom of the pile can cause the pile to collapse and the fire to smother. The best place to insert the newspaper is at the top of the pile. Place four or five newspaper knots on top of the small kindling at the top of the wood pile. Open the air supply vent on your stove, then light each knot of newspaper using a long fire stick.  

Keep the Door Open

Keep the door open to your stove as the fire takes hold. This allows air flow into the firebox, providing fuel for the fire. Close the door to the firebox after a bright fire has been burning for several minutes. 

Add Wood to Keep the Fire Going 

Once the fire is burning, wait until the fire has begun to die down before placing a few small pieces of firewood over the wood pile. Be careful when placing new pieces of wood on the pile. Badly placed logs can cause the pile of firewood to collapse.

This method is reliable and effective. The fire started using this method will burn for several hours at a stretch. (For more information on wood burning stoves, contact Alpine Fireplaces or another company)