Four Things You Can Do To Make Your Asphalt Shingle Replacement More Durable And Energy Efficient

You may hear a lot about energy efficient roofing and alternatives to asphalt shingles, but these things can sometimes be more costly. With materials like tile and slate, it may not even be possible at all to have them installed on your home without doing major renovations to support the extra weight. There are some things that can be done with your asphalt shingle roofing to make it more durable and energy efficient when you have it replaced. Here are four things you can do to make asphalt shingles more energy efficient:

1. Use A Shingle With A Longer Guarantee

The conventional single tap shingle is usually only rated to last for 5 to 10 years, but there are products that last longer. Many of the architectural shingles can have a guarantee of up to 25 years, which is a great choice for a longer lasting roof. They are also thicker and will give your home more protection from the elements and help make it more energy efficient.

2. Foam Insulation Installed In The Attic Or Under Shingles

There are many different types of underlayment that can be used on roofs, which can help make them more energy efficient. There are also foam insulation products that can be used on your roof or in the attic. You may want to consider having an extra layer of insulation installed to make your roof more energy efficient. This will help to reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

3. Energy Efficient Plywood Decking To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

The plywood decking you have installed on your roof can also be improved to make your home more energy efficient. There are new OSB products that have a foil barrier on them, which help to reflect heat and make your home more energy efficient. These decking products are meant for asphalt shingles to make this type of roof installation more energy efficient, but they can also be used with many other roofing products.

4. Using A Thicker Water Barrier Or Membrane Beneath The Shingles

The conventional moisture barrier that is used with asphalt roofing is an asphalt felt paper. Usually this lightweight material does not provide much energy improvement. You may want to consider using a heavier felt paper on your roof, or ask the contractor about using a type of membrane material instead of asphalt felt paper, which will make your roof more durable and energy efficient.

These are some things to consider making your asphalt roofing replacement more durable and energy efficient. If you want to have these things done to your roof, contact a professional roofing service and ask them about some of these options.