Top Questions Concerning Gas Lantern Installation Outside Of The Home

Adding a little old-world charm to the exterior of your home is easy with gas lanterns designed for outdoor use. These incredible light fixtures can be implemented into a garden setting, situated on posts on property perimeters, and even hung right over the entry area on the front porch. The flickering orange lamp glow will make almost any space look warm and inviting.

As appealing as these gas powered illuminating lamps are, they do come along with a few additional concerns and questions from homeowners:

How can you make sure the gas lantern is not leaking?

One of the biggest concerns with any gas appliance is making sure it does not leak dangerous fumes out into the atmosphere. If you have an older gas lamp, or a newly-installed style, knowing how to spot a gas leak is important. The easiest way to check for leaks is to fill a spray bottle with a soapy solution using a few tablespoons of dish soap and water.

Make sure the gas valve to the lantern is off, and then spray the solution around the burner plate and connecting gas line. Bubbles will indicate pressurized gas is escaping from the line and you should call a gas contractor to check it out right away.

Will the gas lantern use a lot of fuel to stay lit?

The gas lantern only has one continuous flame. If you think about the pilot light that keeps your furnace or water heater burning, it requires only a minuscule amount of fuel to stay lit. In fact, you will most likely barely notice a difference in your gas bill at all with the use of these highly-efficient lanterns.

Do all lanterns have to be manually lit?

Not every gas lantern will require that you head outdoors with a match to light it up when the sub goes down. Some do have an electric lighting mechanism in the burner to create a spark with the push of a button. However, lighting a lantern with a match or lighter is often more feasible when the lantern itself is laced far away from the home, where access to electrical wiring may not be readily available.

Creating an entirely new appeal at your home is all about implementing the right type of lighting. If you want to take your home from modern glory to traditional comfort in one step, be sure to talk to a contractor in your area about gas lighting installation. To learn more, contact a company like Chicago Fireplace & Chimney with any questions you have or help you need.