5 Features You’ll Want To Include In Your Custom Deck

Creating a custom deck in your backyard or side yard can make your home more relaxing and inviting, and it may even increase its overall resale value. When you're ready to talk to a contractor about creating a custom deck for your home, consider some features you'll want to be sure to include or at least discuss.

1. An outdoor fire pit

A fire pit or fireplace can add a cozy charm to your deck, but it also makes it easy to use your deck more often throughout the year. You can enjoy it even during the colder months and on into the night when it gets dark. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace is not a difficult add-on for any contractor, so discuss your options before you build.

2. A pergola or gazebo

While it's good to enjoy the warm sunshine out on your deck, it's also good to get some shade when you need it. A gazebo or pergola can give you a respite from the warm summer sun. You can have one of these built in one corner of your deck, along an entryway, or over a dining space. This will make your deck more enjoyable during summer.

3. Privacy panels

For those who have a very small backyard, privacy panels can be an added bonus on your deck. These are like walls that may just run along one side of your deck or on both sides if necessary. Because they're just panels and not actually walls, they still let in light and cool breezes. They can also be made with clear Lucite or have glass blocks added for even more light while still giving you a barrier between your deck and your neighbors.

4. Flowerboxes

If you've ever noticed that some decks seem a bit drab and plain, it may be that they're lacking landscaping and natural features that make them more cozy. Flowerboxes are a great solution for making any deck more comfortable and it's good to have these worked into your design. Put large flower boxes on either side of the deck stairway or along a far side of the deck so it won't look neglected and forgotten.

5. Built-in seating

You shouldn't need to provide furniture for every part of your deck, as your contractor should be able to provide built-in seating during construction. Add benches along the deck to create seating pits and conversation areas or have your contractor install a glider that matches the wood of the deck.

For more ideas, talk to a local contractor that specializes in custom decks