4 Simple Tricks That Can Help You Save A Bundle On Your Heating Bills

Winter time heating bills can crush any budget. While you can't go without heat in the winter just to save money, you can prepare before winter comes along and make your home more efficient. If you can prepare ahead of time, these few simple yet effective tips can help lower your heating bills while still allowing you to stay warm.

1. Cover The Windows

Unless you have very good quality double- or triple-pane windows, you may want to consider covering your windows with plastic before winter. If you are concerned about the aesthetics, you can cover the inside of the windows instead of the outside.

Plastic over the windows and frames will block out any drafts and essentially create a faux double pane. If you get thick but clear plastic, you can still receive light from outside so your home won't be dark and gloomy.

The cost of plastic for windows is often very reasonable and it takes minimal effort to staple or otherwise temporarily affix the plastic around the frames. When compared with the savings in heating bills, this is one of the best steps to take.

2. Insulated Door Stops

Another simple and affordable way to make the most of your heated rooms is to use thermal or insulated door stops. When you place these fabric door stops along the bottom of your door inside a room, it prevents drafts from coming in and prevents heat from going out. The end result is a cozy warm room that didn't require a big, expensive investment.

3 Keeping The Thermostat Constant

Instead of bumping up your thermostat anytime you feel cold, pick a comfortable but reasonable temperature that you and your family can abide with and keep it there. Anytime you raise the thermostat, you are taking dollar bills out of your pocket. If you feel chilly or want more heat, simply bundle up and add a sweater.

You can also move around and exercise to get your blood flowing if you feel like it's cold in the house, which makes you feel nice and toasty warm.

4. Use Other Sources of Heat

When you or your family are gathered in one room, you may be able to use a fireplace, wood stove or electric heater to just heat that room instead of the whole house. This can add up to significant savings on your heating bill.

Talk with a heating specialist, like Alliance Heating & Cooling LLC, and try these simple tips to lower your bills and stay cozy this winter.