Four Reasons Why You Want Parking Bumpers And Speed Bumps In Your Lot

Parking bumpers may be annoying to drivers, but they do serve a very good purpose. They exist to slow drivers down. There are three other reasons why you, as a retail store owner and operator, would want "speed bumps" at key locations in your lot.

Painted Bright Yellow, Bumpers Remind Drivers

Most of the time the bumpers are painted bright yellow. At night, they are highly reflective and catch drivers' attention. The yellow coloring serves as a reminder that drivers need to be cautious, slow down and look around before they proceed. For elderly drivers whose sight has significantly diminished, the bright, reflective yellow paint is a lifesaver because that they can see in the dark.

Bumpers Shock Sleepy Drivers Awake

Regardless of what kind of store you have, a sleepy driver can still cause some serious damage. The bumpers send a shocking jolt through the drivers' systems, causing them to sit upright and really examine where they are. Shake your sleep customers awake and make those speed and parking bumps work for everyone's safety.

Stopping Drivers Who Do Not Stop for Pedestrians

You put stop signs out by the entryways and exits of your store, but drivers speed right past them. Not only are they disobeying the law, but they are also putting other customers in serious danger. Add young children to the mix, and you could have some truly tragic events right there in your parking lot. Hire a cement contractor to put large speed bumps in about six feet away from the stop signs and the jarring sensation could help them stop before they end up in prison for vehicular manslaughter.

Parking Bumpers Prevent Damage

Parking bumpers, the trapezoidal wheel stops that resist rotating car wheels, help drivers figure out how close they are to the car in front of them. Many people, especially teenagers and inexperienced drivers, have a difficult time of judging distance between their front fenders and the front fenders of the vehicles parked in the stalls in ahead of them. Giving these slightly disadvantaged drivers the opportunity to feel when they should stop prevents damage to everyone else's vehicles.

Repairing or Replacing Bumpers 

In the event that your parking or speed bumps have lost most of their reflective yellow paint, break, crumble and need general repair, call the cement experts and construction contractors you originally hired to install them. To save time and money, you could have everything repaired or replaced at the same time you replace the asphalt on your parking lot. The sharp contrast of the new asphalt with the fresh yellow paint of the bumpers is a vivid visual aid to customers.

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